Pioneer Precious Metals and Mining Fund vgpmx

Pioneer Precious Metals and Mining Fund vgpmx

The number of investors who invest solely in gold is very limited. Japanese economic reporter Masamitsu Suzuki said. The precious metals critic KoichiroPioneer Precious Metals and Mining Fund vgpmx Kamei summed up the investment status of gold in this way: Gold is an alternative currency in many cases. For example, when the U.S. dollar appreciates, people will release gold; when the U.S. dollar depreciates, they will buy gold.

Investment gold bars of different specifications, such as 100g, can be repurchased. In addition to repurchasing gold bars, CCB has also launched a variety of products that meet the needs of investment collection gifts, such as wealth with more than money and dragon and phoenix gold bricks. In addition, there are also gold ingots, products printed with a variety of Year of the Rabbit.

QuantitativeCommodityResearch analyst Peter Fertig said before the data release that if non-agricultural data is significantly higher or lower than expected, it is a win-win situation for gold, but if non-agricultural data meets expectations, this will be a negative factor, which may indicate the need to wait. It will take longer to see the Fed act.

When the price fell, I thought that it might fall again. When I watched it rise, I hesitated to buy it. I went back and forth several times. I still have nothing to do. Mr. Wang said that the budget is to spend about 20,000 yuan to buy gold bracelets and necklaces for his daughter-in-law. Such a high price means that it is too small to handle. But judging from the current trend, it seems that there is no sign of falling.

OANDA chief strategist Dean Popplewell said that the euro, which plunged more than 3% against the US dollar two weeks ago, may have bottomed out for the time being, especially if Greece passed the IMF's assessment this week and received 12 billion euros in the next IMF/EU emergency loan . Allanvon Mehren, chief analyst at Danske Bank, said he expects the IMF to provide 12 billion euros in funding next month as scheduled. He added: If not, it is not only the failure of Greece, but also the failure of the IMF.

For 2009, Sun Zhaoxue said that on the one hand, the company will strengthen management, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and continPioneer Precious Metals and Mining Fund vgpmxue to significantly improve various operating indicators; on the other hand, it will carefully organize to ensure that key projects under construction are completed and put into operation this year. Projects that will be completed and put into operation this year include Shaanxi Jiusheng 5000-ton mining and dressing project, Henan Jinyuan 3000-ton mining and dressing project, Sunite Jinxi 3000-ton mining and dressing project, etc., so that the company will add nearly 10 tons of gold production capacity in 2009 and will be released in 2010 . According to the company's current development plan, in 2009, CICC Gold will have 400 tons of gold resource reserves, 20 tons of gold production, and total assets of 10 billion yuan; in 2010, it will reach more than 500 tons of resource reserves and 25 tons of gold output.