The Busiest Precious Metals Company Symposium on Long Island

The Busiest Precious Metals Company Symposium on Long Island

On the same day, the price of silver futures for delivery in May fell 21.3 cents to close at $28.958 per ounce, a decrease of 0.73%. The price of platinum futures for April delivery fell 1.9 US dollars to closeThe Busiest Precious Metals Company Symposium on Long Island at 1593.1 US dollars per ounce, a decrease of 0.12%.

Rogers at this time believes that the global economy is expected to fall into a state of super inflation, and the international gold price is expected to break the $2,000 mark. The price of gold can easily reach $2,000, but $2,400 will be the end of this bull market, which will take several years. He said. Rogers has bought gold and silver and is not optimistic about the future.

For Liu Bo and his fiancée, buying gold is an untouchable theme every year. Since the fiancée’s hometown of Fujian has a tradition of buying gold, Liu Bo and his fiancée buy gold ornaments on festivals or birthdays every year. On average, they buy two or three gold ornaments a year. Liu Bo told the reporter of Beijing Morning News that the cheapest gold jewellery bought over the years is 270/gram, and the most expensive one is 380 yuan/gram.

In the past three years, gold as a whole has been on an upward trend. In 2009, it rose by 24%, and in 2010 it rose by 29%. In 2011, the rate was small, only 10%, but the average increase in the past three years was 21%. In 2011, at the end of September, gold rose to the highest level of US$1,920 per ounce. However, due to the European debt crisis, the price of gold fell and adjusted. It still closed high that year, with an increase of nearly 7%. Kong Shuyan, director of the investment and insurance product department of DBS Personal Banking, said in an interview with a reporter from the Financial Weekly.

Affected by the unexpected increase in crude oil inventories in the United States last week and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s increase in gasoline futures margins, international crude oil futures prices in the New York market plunged by 5.5% on Wednesday, and precious metals also ended their three-day rebound: international spot gold hit a maximum of 1526.30 USD/ounce, the lowest dropped to 1495.70 USD/ounce, and closed at 1504.10 USD/ounce, a single-day drop of 0.86%; yesterday, the gold exchange Au9995,

In the past 10 years or so, whether in the securities market or in the gold market, I have seen many financial warlocks who eventually become rushed travelers. Especially represented by the black mouth of the securities market: it gives several short-term recommendations every day, most of which stop losses or are eventually induced to lose money. But as long as they are correct once, they can be used to preach for months or even years, just like an optimistic sister-in-law Xianglin, who repeats the happiness of winning the lottery every day, with the purpose of tricking everyone into buying lottery tickets with me. If a careful person sorts out the results of their lottery purchases, they will find that it is very much like a bank mouse who misappropriated public funds to buy lottery tickets on the Internet, and only won a hundred yuan prize that has been a long-lost joy. Looking back at his so-called research report, an oil painting with slightly different details every day, accompanied by an optimistic 100 yuan Zhongcai Jing of Xiang Lin's wife, is the whole financial report. The logic of the analysis The Busiest Precious Metals Company Symposium on Long Islandcan hardly be seen. At present, this phenomenon has vaguely penetrated from the extinct securities market to the immature gold investment field. In addition, many financial warlocks report that they do not wear clothes or wear a piece of emperor's new clothes. Clothes refer to the title of the report, which often represents the core point of a report. In the past 10 years, the author has seen the following three kinds of poor clothing as report titles: One is the poor clothing of financial reports: the report titles throughout the year are: Yesterday's gold price rose; Yesterday's gold price fell; Yesterday's gold price consolidated. Basically, there are only these three poor clothes;

Since the beginning of this year, the investment market has been sluggish, and the stock market has been sluggish, and the property market has been weak. Only gold has continued its strength last year. From $1,420 at the beginning of the year to $1,575 at the close of the year, the price of gold rose nearly 10.9% during the half-year period. While outperforming the stock market and bank deposits, it also outperformed the half-year average of many bank wealth management products and CPI.

Evening News this year our forecast for the average price of gold is US$1525 an ounce, but this price range is relatively large, because the price of gold in January this year reached US$1,300 an ounce, and we predict that it may reach US$1500 next. , Or even $1600. Our forecast for the price of gold next year is $1,500 per ounce, but the price fluctuation range for next year will be narrower than this year. In response to the recent roller coaster-like trend of international gold prices, HSBC chief commodity analyst James Steel said in an interview with our reporter yesterday.