The latest developments in Tom Yun precious metals market

The latest developments in Tom Yun precious metals market

Silver daily chart: closed with a small yang line, continuing the strong upward trend. In the short-term, we should pay attention to the pressure of 6950 yuan above, and we need to be alert to the fall. At present, the MA5 moving average at 6850 supports the silver price, and the lower moving average forms a golden cross, and the trend turns more. MACD indicator, the multi-party market above the zero axis, the momentumThe latest developments in Tom Yun precious metals market increases, and the two-line zero-crossing axis is strongly bullish. The KDJ indicator overbought zone is trading sideways, and you need to be wary of callbacks; the RSI indicator shows a strong trend. On the whole, today's silver price is expected to further rise to seek a breakthrough, fluctuating range of 6870-7000 yuan, pay attention to the pressure of 6930 yuan and 6980 yuan.

In addition to the introduction of various linked gold-based wealth management products by major banks, Industrial Bank (20.11,0.37,1.87%) announced that the Gold Exchange officially opened gold spot deferred delivery products to its individual customers. Industrial Bank became the first domestic commercial bank to act as an agent of such products. This time, the bank launched all gold spot deferred delivery products of the gold exchange to individual customers, including AU(T+D), AU(T+N1), AU(T+N2), and added the spot variety AU9995 . At present, the deferred delivery of gold spot products is a listed trading contract on the gold exchange. The starting point of the transaction is 1000 grams, and the two-way margin trading method is adopted. After the customer opens a position, he can choose to close or deliver on the same day, or he can choose to postpone the closing or delivery . Investors may wish to learn more about gold spot deferred settlement products while paying attention to gold-linked wealth management products.

The best way for an institution to be a buyer of call options to make money is to hold the gold price above $1,740. For the previous gold price, this price was quite high; with a buy order, when the option expires and settles, then it doesn't matter what the gold price is, so many orders are closed out. According to analysis by industry experts, the large volume of orders has led to programmatic follow-ups and other panic selling.

Since 2010, the price of silver has continued to rise, which makes Li Qin, who has always been interested in investment, ready to move. After careful observation for a period of time, in June last year, Li Qin finally decided to open an account and invested 160,000 yuan in a one-time investment in silver T+D, with a 15% margin, and open long orders for full positions.

The Libor manipulation scandal has intensified, and the price of gold and silver will become the next scandal. According to the "Wall Street Journal" report, the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is internally discussing whether the London bullion pricing mechanism has been manipulated.

First Financial Newsletter The US non-agriculThe latest developments in Tom Yun precious metals markettural employment report in May was very bleak, which seemed to give gold a chance to resurrect. Under the influence of many factors last week, the international gold price jumped sharply, and finally closed with a slight increase. This has been the gold price for four consecutive weeks, basically recovering the sharp drop in early May. Last week, the highest gold price was US$1550.2/ounce, the lowest was US$1519.3/ounce, with a shock amplitude of US$30.9/ounce, and closing at US$1541.8/ounce, an increase of US$5.8/ounce or 0.38% from the previous week. For this week's trend, analysts are generally bullish, but the turbulence will not end, and the operation is mainly short-term.

While the Herald reporter and Ms. Wang met in Shandong Biaojin, another group of activist investors was waiting for a reply at Yantai Bank, because on the Shandong Biaojin website, he introduced himself as the full-time manager of Yantai Bank Jintong Asset Management Co., Ltd. The legal representative of Shandong Biaojin is Sun Tao, deputy governor of Yantai Bank.

Historically, India has always been the largest gold investment market. In 2007, India’s physical gold demand accounted for 61% of total global demand, but only 9%. The quarterly report of the World Gold Council shows that from the perspective of overall individual consumer demand, including jewelry, Indian consumers still exceed demand for gold.