Minnesota Precious Metal Sales Tax

Minnesota Precious Metal Sales Tax

In two weeks, the international gold price plummeted from US$1,800 to above US$1,600, triggering a drop in the domestic gold retail market. Yesterday, the gold shops in Beijing once again announced a reduction in the retail Minnesota Precious Metal Sales Taxprice of gold jewelry, with a maximum of 10 yuan per gram of pure gold. This is already the third time in a month that gold stores have lowered the price of jewelry. After these three price adjustments, the vegetable hundred thousand pure gold fell 36 yuan per gram.

For 11 years, gold has risen year after year, even in 2008, when the global financial market plummeted, gold still rose. Over the past seven years, investors’ ears have been filled with countless politicians, economists, investment experts, large investors, large investors, small investors, small investors, large gold experts, and small gold experts. Judgments on the gold market price: long-term It is bullish and needs adjustment in the short term. There is also a group of people who will tell you in mystery: Wait, when the people all over the world are encouraged to buy gold, the United States will surely use conspiracy to knock the price of gold to the point of plunge.

From the perspective of the monetary system, the current international monetary system is a credit monetary system endorsed by national credit. This system is the embryonic form of the Bretton Woods system established in 1945 through the link between the U.S. dollar and gold. After the U.S. dollar was decoupled from gold in 1971, a credit currency system endorsed by the credit of various countries was finally formed. The status of gold in the monetary system is continuously removed by the credit of the country behind the US dollar. After the U.S. dollar replaced gold in disguise, it has further realized the continuous improvement and consolidation of its global status through the continuous release of liquidity and cross-border capital flows.

What will the world be like from 2011 to 2020? When the Iranian dynasty fell in 1980, Iran changed from being pro-American to anti-American. The United States supported Iraq in launching the Iran-Iraq war for ten years. By 1990, Iraq did not listen to the words of the United States and invaded Kuwick, and the United States sent troops to attack Iraq! Before 1990, the United States supported Afghanistan against the Soviet Union. In 2001, the United States sent troops to overthrow the Afghan regime. In the past ten years, personnel affairs have been renovated, and everything in the world has come together because of common interests, and it has also fallen out because of differences of opinion.

In the New Year of the Snake that has just ushered in, the international gold price, which must rise every spring for three consecutive years, has experienced a rare sharp drop, and the Qianliu Pass is in danger. Gold has always been regarded as the strongest investment product during the financial winter of the common people for several years. However, the golden red envelope for the Spring Festival of the Year of the Snake did not come as planned. Does it mean that the 12-year-old gold bull market is approaching the turning point? The gold speculation is gone?

In the past two weeks, gold has set new highs twice, but both have quickly fallen back after reaching highs. Technical analysis shows that the price of gold has formed a double top at US$1911.80 on August 23 and US$1920.50 on SeptembeMinnesota Precious Metal Sales Taxr 6. It is necessary to be wary of the short-term pullback of gold prices to US$1600-1700.