International Precious Metals Industry Environmental Handbook John Edward Van Fryer

International Precious Metals Industry Environmental Handbook John Edward Van Fryer

On the last trading day (4th), under the pressure of unfavorable factors such as the sharply stronger US economic data booInternational Precious Metals Industry Environmental Handbook John Edward Van Fryersting the rise of the US dollar index, precious metals such as gold recorded a significant decline. Among them, London Gold closed down 6.1 US dollars to 1287.70 US dollars, a decrease of 0.47%; spot silver fell more. Since the opening of the day at 20.30 US dollars, the highest is 20.45 US dollars and the lowest is 20.12 US dollars. It closed at 20.14 US dollars, down 0.15 US dollars, or 0.74%.

MesirowFinancial economist Adolfo Laurenti said: I think the turmoil in Spain implies that the country's structural reforms, labor market reforms, and regional reforms are real, and also tell investors not to underestimate Spain's efforts.

Hedge funds’ confidence in the gold market is obviously much better than that of the silver market. Last week, the hedge funds further realized the periodical short profits, but the pace of long liquidation has slowed down, which means that the energy of the hedge funds to suppress the gold price is not very strong. foot. However, last week, hedge funds showed strong short-term or long-term liquidation kinetic energy on the off-market. That is, if the gold price goes down further in the market outlook, the main force of suppression will come from off-market.

For the global gold futures market, September 23 is destined to be Black Friday. The prices of gold, silver, and platinum futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange were all violently attacked by bears. For the second consecutive trading day, the prices of gold, silver, and platinum futures fell sharply. The most actively traded December gold futures unexpectedly fell below US$1,700. 5.9%, the largest one-day decline in five years, not only erased all the rise since August 1, but also set a new closing price with little suspense, and the bull market for gold became a flash of smoke.

Q You Lin Zhongniao said that he also plans to have a wedding wine during May Day. The family originally wanted to buy some gold jewelry for the bride, but when the price of gold rose so sharply, I was a little confused. I didn't know whether to buy it quickly or wait and see. Lin Zhongniao said that after discussing with him, the family decided that if the price of gold continues to rise, they would choose relatively cheap gold bars, which feels more cost-effective than buying gold jewelry.

Judging from the current situation, it is too early to make such a judgment. However, the recent adoption of the European Union Recovery Fund has indeed boosted the market's confidence in European integration and the economic recovery of the euro zone to a certain extent, and provided support for the strengthening of the euro. At the same time, the US economic recovery is faltering, and the economy is basicInternational Precious Metals Industry Environmental Handbook John Edward Van Fryerally optimistic about the support of the dollar. In addition, the Fed's continued low interest rates and dovish attitude have also exerted downward pressure on the US dollar.