What did President Trump do to the precious metals market.

What did President Trump do to the precious metals market.

The main driving force of the currWhat did President Trump do to the precious metals market.ent rise in gold prices is the expectation of the future, such as more global liquidity and deteriorating global economic conditions. Said Bellam, an analyst at LGT Capital Management. He believes that the gold market may have absorbed apocalyptic views, but in their opinion similar extreme pessimism is unfounded. He said that the gold market may be brewing an irrational bubble.

At 16:00 Beijing time yesterday, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov delivered a speech on the current situation in Ukraine. He believes that what Russia is doing is humanitarian assistance, and Moscow sincerely hopes that the people of Lugansk can get help. Russia will still send aid forces to the southeastern region of Ukraine to provide assistance to those in need. In addition, when talking about the Minsk meeting, Lavrov said that the meeting will mainly discuss economic development issues, and Russia will conduct a dialogue on the economic exchanges of the EU-Ukraine Customs Union. On the humanitarian front, Lavrov claimed that Ukraine is committing war crimes. At present, most parts of Ukraine have locked their doors for refugees from the eastern region, and the issue of prisoners of war parading is also very questionable, and unreasonable raids have also caused more trouble to Russia. Big damage. Regarding the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, Lavrov said that at present, it seems that only Russia is still investigating the incident. Moscow's approach is to use true and objective investigation results to make those who accuse Russia of the crash. To shut up. In the face of counter-terrorism, Lavrov said that the development of ISIS is inseparable from the support of the United States and the Western world. The United States has provided some assistance to organizations fighting the Assad government in Syria. Russia has experienced a protracted war on terrorism. Moscow will provide all-round assistance to Iraq and Syria to fight terrorist organizations under any circumstances. Lavrov reiterated that terrorism is the most serious threat to everyone.

Catherine McLeod-Seltzer, director of BearCreek Mining Company, said in an interview with Kitco on Friday (February 27) that there have been a lot of write-offs in the gold industry, but I think this is preparing for a new start. . She expects the price of gold to have bottomed out and is about to start rising. McLeod-Seltzer pointed out that the entire gold industry is only in a cycle, and I believe we have reached the bottom of this cycle. In addition, the price of gold has begun to fluctuate within a stable range, which is a key part of the bottoming process. McLeod-Seltzer emphasized that mining companies consume 90 million ounces of gold reserves in production each year, and these are irreplaceable, and the supply and demand side will eventually be reflected in the gold price. She added that gold prices need to rise to support those mining companies that are in trouble.

Mark Pervan, director of commodity research at ANZ Bank (Australia&NewZealandBankingGroup Ltd.), said in the report that some people speculated that Spain and Portugal might be the next countries to seek assistance. Investors are still very worried about what will happen next, what will happen in other countries, and what will happen to the euro.

In this regard, Chen Tao believes that demand will have a strong support for the price of gold. Coupled with the influence of the dollar factor, the price of gold is expected to rise further in the later period. Driven by the news of increasing gold holdings, the price of gold futures for June delivery on the New York Mercantile Exchange rose by US$14.10 to close at US$906.60 per ounce, setting a stage high. Gold stocks are also sought after.

In 2016, the global silver mine production recorded its first decline since 2002, mainly due to the decline in the production of by-products from the lead-zinc mine and gold industry. Coupled with the decline in the supply of recycled silver on the maWhat did President Trump do to the precious metals market.rket, the lowest level since 1996, and the shrinking of manufacturers' hedging, the supply of silver for the whole year of 2016 decreased by 32.6 million ounces.