Why are precious metal prices so low

Why are precious metal prices so low

The lender adds trueusd to truefi pool for borrowing, earning income and mining tru. The borrower submits a loan application (including the amount of funds required, the interest that can be provided and the loan term, etc.Why are precious metal prices so low), and then the tru pledgor decides whether to approve the loan by voting, and then decides whether to approve the loan by tru pool smart contract risk parameters and tru pledgor's opinions Loans. The borrower must repay the principal and interest before the expiration of the loan term, and will face legal proceedings in case of default. In addition, trusttoken will gradually move forward to transfer control to the community.

Framework ventures announced the completion of a $8 million seed round for frameworklabs, led by station13, a sister company of jdsports, a UK sports brand retailer. Frameworklabs, a technology company of framework ventures, focuses on developing protocols and networks for the venture capital investment, including synthetix and chainlink. According to the frameworklabs team, the second round of seed money will be used to develop research, trading and engineering teams, develop governance proposals for the defi blockchain agreement, provide liquidity for unmanaged exchanges, and incubate potential start-ups,

Independent investor Andrew Kang and former research analyst Daryl Lau of coingecko and Benjamin Simon set up mechanism capital, an investment fund focused on defi. Mechanismcapital will achieve the following goals through direct funding, building ecosystem tools, conducting research and actively participating in governance, including supporting new financial systems and applications on public blockchains, and improving understanding of cryptocurrency value acquisition and incentive mechanisms in this field. At present, mechanism capital is looking to recruit professionals.

Defi aggregate revenue agreement yearn.finance (yfi) the withdrawal fee of some users is set at 5% due to the error of strategy yfi governance. yearn.finance It said that the additional fee charged by yyfi temporary Treasury for each withdrawal was set at 5% at block heights of 10923319 to 10954777, instead of 0.5% as originally planned. The overcharge has been allocated to 23 affected users. Besides, yearn.finance It said it was currently processing the return of EMN project assets. Chain news previously reported that the game project eminence.finance (EMN) was hacked and $15 million worth of money was stolen, of which $8 million was stolen into andrecronje's address. Andrecronje later said that it would use the money to compensate users who had bought tokens before 10954410.

Robert Leshner, chief executive officer of compound, told Lianwen that "comp, the governance token of compound, has been circulated to many stakeholders as early as a few months ago. Previously, nearly 2.4 million comps (2396307 specifically) have been allocated to compoundlabs stakeholders. In addition, there are 4229949 comp users belonging to the compound protocol. "

According to coindesk, refixerlabs has completed a $1.68 million seed round financing led by paradigm, with the participation of variantfund, a new encryption venture capital firm fouWhy are precious metal prices so lownded by standardcrypto, Robert Leshner, founder of compound, and Jesse Walden, a former partner of a16z. Reflexerlabs is creating a new asset rai (RAI) aimed at tracking the slow price trend of Ethereum, providing a mortgage asset with both price stability and price stability for defi. The generation of Rai is very similar to Dai (DAI), that is, users mortgage the asset Ethereum to the system to borrow other encrypted assets. However, rai's goal is biased towards the "redemption rate" relative to its underlying assets and largely eliminates volatility (no exact ratio is specified at this time). Reflexer's products will use Oracle to track the prices of Rai and eth. If the rai does not match the target price, the system can fine tune the amount of Rai required to repay the debt. Ionescu, chief executive of reflexerlabs, said Rai was crucial to the agreement. Eventually, the relexer will need to deploy some kind of makerdao like MKR token with limited control to fully implement it.

Alameda research, a cryptocurrency market maker, submitted Compound Governance proposal 016, which aims to increase the mortgage coefficient of wbtc from 0% to 40%. Up to now, the number of affirmative votes is 348629, far more than the number of negative votes (165008). It is worth noting that Robert Leshner, founder of compound, has voted for the proposal. Earlier, Robert Leshner voted against the governance proposal 014, which would continue to increase the mortgage coefficient of the wbtc to 65%. Lianwen previously reported that the governance proposals 013 and 014 proposed to increase the mortgage coefficient of wbtc from 0% to 65%, but both proposals were not passed.

Kava announced that it will release the gateway test network of kava-4 main network at 22:00 on September 28. The final functions of gateway include: 1. Support harvest money market; 2. Support BTC, XRP, busd on kava; 3. Support borrowing BTC, XRP, BNB, busd and native assets of kava on harvest.

according to DAppTotal.com Data shows that, since the popularity of gaming DAPP at the end of last year, it has been behind EOS and Tron. Compared with the data on September 03, daily active users are eos12701, eth80206, tron16, The number of active users of Ethereum has far exceeded Tron and is close to EOS; the daily transaction volume on the chain: eth8.74 million US dollars, EOS 8.08 million US dollars, Tron 5.47 million US dollars, Ethereum daily on chain transaction volume data has comprehensively surpassed EOS and Tron. DAPP total data analysts believe that: since May, the number of active users and transaction volume of Ethereum DAPP has begun to climb steadily, which is mainly driven by two reasons: 1. The focus of the usdt issued by tether has gradually shifted from Omni network to Ethereum network since April, and more than 1.5 billion erc20-usdt has been issued since April; 2. The DFI projects have surpassed game dapps and become the largest DAPP of Ethereum New user sources,